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 what officials are saying... 


"i commend your philanthropic efforts and your commitment to make a difference.  through your provision of incentive awards and scholarships, you are highlighting to all texans across our great land the importance of stepping up to the plate of tomorrow's texas.  you are helping to blaze an unquestionable trail of success and all texans owe you an overwhelming debt of gratitude."


rick perry,

governor of texas - 

october 1st 2001 to 2014



"i applaud the important contributions the window of opportunity foundation has made to the houston community since 1996.  you are impacting the lives and livelihoods of generations of students and their families. i encourage you to move forward with courage in your quest to see that children have the opportunity to realize their dreams of a college education, and i look forward to working with you and your fine group for many years to come."


carole keeton strayhorn

texas comptroller

august 23, 2005



"founded in 1996, a window of opportunity foundation provides incentive awards and scholarships to h.i.s.d. students who lack the necessary funds to further their education.  a good education is vital to the quality of life for all children, and is basic for the future strength of our country.  i have dedicated my administration to the children of houston, and salute those committed to this worthwhile endeavor on their behalf"


lee p. brown, 

during his tenure as mayor of the city of houston - september 1st 1998


"on behalf of the counseling and guidance department of the houston independent school district, it is with great pleasure that i offer this letter of support for a window of opportunity foundation.  the fund raising efforts of your organization has made it possible for many students to realize their dreams. thank you for recognizing the significance your contributions make to the lives of students you impact."
debra rimmer-mayorga
director of secondary counseling and guidance
houston independent school district
july 31, 1998
"i am writing to express my support for the excellent work a window of opportunity foundation has done.  during the past two years this organization has helped secure over $32,000.00 in scholarship funds for lee students. 
a window of opportunity foundation is genuinely interested in the welfare of the students.
at lee, we are very thankful to enjoy a relationship with a window of opportunity foundation and look forward to their continued support of our students."
dave deblasio
dean of instruction
robert e. lee senior high school
june 12, 2000

"i am a very starch supporter of education and i truly believe that no student should be left behind and a mind is a terrible thing to waste. so i am always looking for ways to help my students to achieve their goals. the window of opportunity foundation has been instrumental in providing the students with financial assistance.
we have been participating in the program now for at least five years and each year i look forward to enrolling new candidates into the program.
this has meant so much to, the students, their families and myself for them to be able to realize their dreams. the window of opportunity foundation has made this happen and we at bellaire deca are very grateful."
miss alice mckinney
marketing education coordinator

bellaire senior high school


"i just want to thank a window of opportunity foundation for all the assistance you have given to the students at bellaire. the scholarships they have received have made a tremendous difference in their lives. besides making college more accessible to the students, you have given these students hope and confidence in themselves which will impact them throughout life. your generosity and caring touches students in a way that truly makes a difference. thank you for your continued support!
ms. paula fendley
scholarship counselor
bellaire senior high school
may 24, 2002




a window of opportunity foundation

established june 1st 1996

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