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a window of opportunity foundation

a scholarship awarding foundation offering a window of opportunity to deserving students that otherwise would have no way to reach their potential and fulfill their goals.


1)  male or female.

2)  u. s. citizen or permanent legal resident of the u. s.

3)   attending the 12th grade in a high school located in the

      houston independent school district .

4)  planning  to attend a public institution of higher education      

      located in the city of houston .

      5)  for the purpose of completing a four-year college degree.

      6)     having financial need.

      7)      showing academic promise and meaningful objectives.

      8)     having performed community service.


about the  scholarship application

applications can be obtained from the high school counselors. scholarship application deadline is february 28 of each year.


the following documentation must be attached to the application:

  •    copy of a u. s. birth certificate, u. s. naturalization  

  •    certificate or permanent resident card.

  •    high school transcript.

  •    letters of recommendation from at least two teachers.

  •    a letter or recommendation from one of the sources listed   

  •    under item 14 of the scholarship application.

  •    a three hundred word essay as described under item 15 of the

  •    scholarship application.

  •    parents�and/or student�s financial statement or previous year�s income tax return, which will remain confidential.


about the selection

the scholarship recipient will be selected by a window of opportunity foundation scholarship committee at its annual meeting held during the month of april. the scholarship winners will be notified during the month of may.  award certificates will be presented  to the students prior to the end of the school year. medals will be awarded to the students at the foundation�s annual gala during the month of november.  the scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.  applicants will be judged on academic achievement, community service, financial need, obstacles overcome, career potential, desire to attend college, essays and letters of recommendation.  if the student is weak in one area he or she may make it up in another area.  a window of opportunity foundation encourages all individuals interested in a scholarship to apply.  our mission is to �help high school students accomplish their dream of obtaining a college education.�


about the scholarship

the scholarship consists of a total gift of $4,000.00 covering tuition. once conditions for requesting that the funds be released have been met, as specified on page 2, the amount of $500.00 will be mailed by the foundation directly to the chosen institution and applied to the first semester�s tuition for the student.  at the end of each semester, the scholarship recipient must furnish proof of his/her maintaining a 3.0 gpa, a detail of the courses taken the previous semester, a 300 word essay regarding the education the student is receiving and a statement of his/her intent to continue in college the following semester.  provided that the above conditions are met, the scholarship will be continued for the following semester in the amount of $500.00 until the recipient has completed a four-year college education in eight consecutive semesters.


community involvement

because contributing to the community through charitable activities is the basis by which a window of opportunity foundation was established, it will be required that the scholarship recipient perform five hours of community service per semester through his/her involvement in one of the charitable activities of the foundation.


special notice: if on any given year the foundation does not receive enough applications from qualified applicants in hisd, then in order to ensure a fair selection, students from other districts in the city of houston and vicinity will be allowed to apply.



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a window of opportunity foundation

established june 1st 1996

ein - 76-0503964  irs letter of determination 17053050008007

email: scholarshipfound@msn.com